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In the future, I think there should be official Turing Test World Championships, where the true nature of the contestants will only be revealed after the games. There could be various disciplines. Guessing right (if contestant is human/robot): 10 points. Fool the judge: 20 points.

Also, we would have a lot of fun watching "the games". Here are two hilarious examples of what it could be like.


Me: How are you today?
BiteMe100Times: What's it to you? Unless you're my mother or my shrink, you can fuck off.
Me: Just trying to be friendly.
BiteMe100Times: Yeah, but I want a commitment.
Me: Actually, I'm writing a magazine piece on the Turing Test. I'm trying to figure out if you're human. You could be a machine, you know.
BiteMe100Times: Oh, sure I'm human. Two plus two is four. Four times four is 16. Four to the 16th power is [core dumped]
Me: Very clever.
BiteMe100Times: What the hell do you expect? I'm running Windows NT. Now go away.

From Jason Striegel - How I failed the Turing Test:

jmstriegel: no, really. I'm quite human.
jmstriegel: test me if you want
shymuffin32: ok
shymuffin32: why do you like music?
jmstriegel: hmm. i've never really considered that.
jmstriegel: hell, i'm not going to be able to contrive a good answer for that one. ask me something else.
shymuffin32: jeesus, you're worse than eliza


20 Dec 2007 - 1:00
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